Welcome to Canineswag.com 

We are a small Family business that has devoted our hearts and treated our pets with love and respect and kindness, and like family. Our passion for animals is what sparked the creation of Canine Swag. Our goal is to create a place for pet lovers to find the latest trends with a great assortment of top-notch pet suppliers, with unique collections of pet products that will help our pets live comfortable and enjoyable life’s . We here at Canine swag think you will find that we offer a wide variety of items with helpful and creative designs among the leaders in the pet industry. We are passionate about helping our customers find the right solutions for their pets needs with quality pet care products like thermos beds & cushions, Memory Foam, crate pads, feather tops and orthopedic beds and more.

We want to help make life easier for people that take care of pets with items like auto pet waterier, automatic feeders, clean flow bowls, double dinners and non-skid bowels and more. We understand that dogs have a natural tendency to seek out a shelter or "den-like" place to call their own. We have small fold able pet houses in 3 colors, and soft playpens, and soft crates that will match any decor. A dog crate when used properly is an effective tool for managing, training, and providing your dog with a safe, cozy place to rest and sleep. We have everything you need in this area with cages of all sizes with dividers to help with potty training, that will grow with your fur baby according to size. We carry everything from double door crates to single up and away door cages, exercise pens, pet yards and kennels.

Today’s family travels frequently with a pet to dog parks, groomers, Veterinarian’s office, to the corner store and the lucky one go on vacations. If you are anything like us, you want to keep them safe and still be able to let them see outside and enjoy the ride. For just that reason we carry pet car and booster seats, and car harnesses. Now if you just what to make that fashion statement we have colorful pet carry bags that are Airline compatible, pet sport hand bags, back packs, and for the seriously spoiled, a pet stroller. If your family travels take you to the woods for camping, or you like to hike with man’s best friend and pitch everything in your cargo area of your SUV, we can help you keep it clean with seat or Cargo Cover’s. We have also added Insect shield items that will help with this kind of fun for you and your pet. We hope to be adding more items as we find the latest dog trends and products . Canine Swag  is your one stop shop to finding all your pet needs because they are a big part of our lives and we want to help make the care for them easy.